Look for the PayKwik logo on the payment options of the website you're visting and click through to to see how you can access the PayKwik service using one of our partner’s local vouchers available in your country.
Buy a partner’s prepaid voucher from their shops or online, return to the e-ceommerce website and select PayKwik payment option at the e-commerce checkout.
Follow the instructions on screen and enter the local voucher details and the Euro value shown on the voucher. PayKwik will verify and validate the voucher and tell the website your payment is good to go.
No. Today customers can only use trusted voucher payment systems to execute transactions through PayKwik, but other vouchers may become available in the future. Check back with the PayKwik website from time to time to get updated.
If PayKwik does not give you a confirmation that your voucher was validated when you entered it into the PayKwik system, this means there may be an issue with your voucher outside of our control.
Depending on the voucher brand you used, we recommend you contact customer service of the voucher issuer to resolve your problem with that specific voucher. Some of the voucher brands we accept even have online voucher verification tools, which you can find on the website of that voucher brand.
In normal circumstances, PayKwik will inform you of the fact that the e-commerce website accepted our transaction notification. In very exceptional cases, it is still possible that something goes wrong on the e-commerce website follow up. In this case, we recommend you contact the e-commerce website and provide them with your customer account information and voucher details. Merchant will follow up on this and resolve your problem.
In the very unlikely event that the merchant can not resolve your problem, please contact our CS via the appropriate link at the bottom of this FAQ list and we will assist you in resolving this matter.
PayKwik currently transacts in EURO only, but most websites allow you to transact in a different currency to the “issued currency” of the local voucher. Depending on the policy of the e-commerce website, they will accept transactions in € vouchers through PayKwik, even if the pricing of the e-commerce site is in a different currency.
You may only use a local voucher of the same or higher value. If the voucher value is less than the required transaction value, you cannot use the PayKwik service.

When you make a transaction with a voucher of a higher value than your checkout basket, each local voucher brand has it’s own policy. Some voucher companies will simply take the transaction value and reduce your voucher face value. Other voucher companies will use the full voucher value and give you a new voucher number for the remaining value or balance.
If after your purchased a payment voucher, you decide you have no further use for this voucher, please contact your local voucher issuer, who will resolve your query according to their terms and conditions regarding refunds.

If you are not able to find what you are looking for, please contact us using the contact us page or by clicking the button.